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Update: May 01, 2023

To our valued customers;
On May 1, 2023, we will be raising our prices. We have done our best to avoid raising prices,
but like everyone, prices universally have risen at an incredible rate not seen in over 30 years
which has forced us to make this difficult decision. Our goals have not changed. We will
continue to provide the BEST and freshest produce available. The past four years has been an
incredible learning curve, but we feel that we are finally at a point of understanding the great
number of factors in the lettuce and microgreen aquaponic process. We are planning and slowly
making changes that will hopefully lead to more product availability in the near future. We hope
you will continue your patronage as we strive to improve variety and availability. Following is
our new pricing schedule.
Hillside Aquaponics Product Prices as of May 1, 2023
Red Oakleaf, Fusion Romaine, and Summer Crisp Muir is $ 4.00 per head
Green Butter heads are $ 3.25 per head
Pak Choi (0.5-1.0 plus per pound) is $ 5.00 per head
Microgreens and Sprouts are $ 3.50 per ounce
We will notify, if we have any new additions!!
Thank you very much for your continued patronage!!
Russ and Mary Demmon
Owners of Hillside Aquaponics, LLC
262-483-2921 or 262-483-7921
Facebook: hillside aquaponics

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What Exactly is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a marriage of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics. Hydroponics involves growing plants in a water-based environment rather than soil. Our fish are raised in tanks and provide the nutrients for our produce. The plants extract the nutrients needed from the water and act as a filter in order to clean the water. Beneficial bacteria growing in the system convert the ammonia in the fish waste to a usable nitrogen source for the plants; exactly what happens in the soil. It's a very efficient and sustainable system. We can produce a large volume of produce with a very small environmental foot print. We use very little water in raising our produce compared to a traditional soil based system. Our Water is continually recycled with minimal addition as we try to mimic nature as closely as possible. We pay special attention to nutrient levels and plant disease and are very careful so as not to harm the health of our fish. We use natural and biological products to keep our plants healthy.  Our fish are raised antibiotic free.

Any Questions?

Please call to set up a visit to learn more about what we do here at Hillside Aquaponics, LLC.

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Come on Down to the Farm!

9438 County Rd S, Kewaskum Wisconsin 53040

262-483-7921 (Russ) 262-483-2921 (Mary)

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