Consumer Supported Agriculture

CSA stands for consumer supported agriculture. This simply means that you agree to pay upfront for a weekly amount of produce. The amount is determined by what you are willing to spend and what your needs are. This provides the producer with a secure income and the consumer with fresh "clean" produce. In this way, you are also supporting local agriculture and able to take advantage of the freshest, healthiest and tastiest produce available. You can purchase weekly, monthly or even quarterly and can increase or decrease as needed.
Not looking to start a CSA plan but still want to purchase lettuce?
We also offer on the spot selections with what is currently available.


                    Full Share

                        $25.00 per week

     3 heads of lettuce and 4 rotating items

                     Half Share

                           $15.00 per week

      2 heads of lettuce and 2 rotating items

                Quarter Share

                        $10.00 per week

   2 heads of lettuce and one rotating item

You are free to pick the items you would like, or we can chose for you. You can also design your own package and price pending your choices.

Rotating items include Pak Choi, tatsoi, mizuna (green and red stemmed), arugula, escarole, radicchio and several varieties of endive.

Please call for availability and we are certainly happy to accommodate new items as well. We are also now growing a variety of Microgreens.