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Fresh Produce

We are currently raising an assortment of different lettuce and microgreens. We can produce approximately 200-250 heads of lettuce per week. As different seasons bring different environments, our offerings and availability changes. Please visit our "What's available" tab, or call us to find out more.


The Fish

A variety of fish species can be grown in an aquaponics system. The primary reason for fish is to provide nutrients for our plants. We have chosen to raise bluegills as they are not only 'tasty' but also grow quickly. They will be available for sale periodically as they mature. Check the link below for availability. In the future we are looking to become certified to process fish for sale.



We have renovated the original milk house on the farm and converted it into a stand alone cooler. With built in AC, we are able to regulate the internal temperature and make it safe for us to store harvested greens. This allows our customers to call ahead or be set on a CSA plan, and pick up their greens from the cooler at the desired pick up time all while staying fresh.

Get in Touch

Want to Learn more?

Contact us at 262-483-7921 (Russ), 262-483-2921 (Mary) or Email us using the link below

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