Fresh Produce

We are currently raising approximately 12 different varieties of lettuce, asian greens, endive, radiccio, arugula and escarole. We can produce approximately 200-250 heads of lettuce per week. In the future we plan to add micro greens and herbs as well as seasonal crops like tomatoes, radishes and green beans etc. For a complete list, see below. We will continue to update as we add more items.


The Fish

A variety of fish species can be grown in an aquaponics system. The primary reason for fish is to provide nutrients for our plants. We have chosen to raise bluegills as they are not only 'tasty' but also grow quickly. They will be available for sale periodically as they mature. Check the link below for availability. In the future we are looking to become certified to process fish for sale.


Want to Learn more?

Contact us at 262-483-7921 or 262-483-2921
We are more than willing and eager in providing tours to learn more about the Aquaponics system!